Saint George Greek Orthodox Church

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St. George Greek Orthodox Church
70 West Street, Keene, NH
Mailing address: P.O. Box 392 Keene, NH 03431-0392
Phone: (603) 352-6424
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Served by clergy of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston


Parish Council

President: Joseph Truman
Vice President: Maria Bradshaw
Treasurer: Peter Bradshaw
Secretary: Heather Riley

Ernie Conides
Nickolas Lupinin
Don Cheek
George Karabakakis
Cornelius (David) Szuster
Panayiotis Andonellis


Sitting, from left to right: Heather Riley, Fr. Leo Schefe, Maria Bradshaw; Standing: George Karabakakis, Joe Truman, Peter Bradshaw, Cornelius (David) Szuster, Nick Lupinin, Panayiotis Andonellis, and Ernie Conides; shown below, Don Cheek

Don Cheek

General Inquiries

 Maria Bradshaw

Christmas Bazaar Chair

Sue-Ellan Kolivas

Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

Susan Karalekas

Building Superintendent

Peter Bradshaw

Hellenic Hall Rentals

Joseph Truman

Stewardship Chairperson

 Nickolas Lupinin

Greek School Principal

Avye Andonellis

Librarian and Bookstore Manager

Cornelius (David) Szuster

 Website Manager

Susan Karalekas

About Our Church

We are a family-friendly parish and welcome visitors and inquirers for worship and all parish activities. Our goal as a parish is to live by the Orthodox faith and traditions. We strive to be faithful to Christ, the Gospel, and the teachings of the saints in all aspects of parish life: worship, Christian ministries, and parish social gatherings. Our church is affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

See the Faith & Traditions page for information on the Sacraments, Seasonal Guidelines, and Church Etiquette.

St. George Greek Orthodox Church has developed By-Laws appended to the Special Regulations and Uniform Parish Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and approved by the Metropolis of Boston. The By-Laws were adopted at a legally constituted Parish Assembly Meeting on Sunday, February 15, 1998 and most recently revised on February 27, 2012. Click here to read the By-Laws.

About Our Church History

St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Keene, NH was officially founded in 1931. In the early years, lacking a place of worship and a permanent priest, Greek Orthodox faithful gathered for liturgical services in various places in Keene on an irregular basis. On September 30, 1928, an agreement between thirty-two Keene families and the Greek Orthodox Church of Fitchburg was reached by which the priest of the Fitchburg Church would travel to Keene to conduct services once a month

In July 1941, the present property was purchased. Appropriate modifications were made, including the “iconostasis” or partition between the altar and the main part of the Church, colored glass windows, and a Church office, to make it serviceable to the community. The interior of the Church was completely renovated to its present form in the early 1960’s.

Dedicated on March 25, 1944, the rear carriage house, which came with the property, had been renovated earlier into a hall. Built partly on the site of the old carriage house, Hellenic Hall was opened and dedicated in 2000 as a cultural and educational center. Connected to the Church building itself, this beautiful and expansive hall harmonized architecturally with the Church building.

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